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Hey everyone. This is a bit of a update journal discussing various things. I don't know how long this journal may end up being but if it does end up to be pretty long, I hope someone would read it from start to finish.

First off, I haven't been posting anything here for quite a while and there's two reasons for that...

1) My eighth contest is still going. However, I don't know if anyone has noticed the update journals for them but I will wait for the remaining entries until the last week of this month, just before Halloween. If it comes down to it, I may end up extending the deadline a bit, so please try not to feel too rushed about it (if you're still planning to enter that is).

2) Unfortunately, I have had absolutely zero creative sparks least when it comes to this site. I know I've gone a long time without posting anything in the past, but this time just feels a little different than those times...maybe I should start asking for ideas and whatnot, maybe that'll help.

Now, I do have a drafted story idea, but it's like...the draft is in alpha - if that makes any sense at all - and I could really use some help with the development of it. I am willing to turn it into a collab story but if that does happen, then I want to focus on just written submissions first. If all goes well with that and my partner and/or people in general want it to be more than just words, then I might open up the story for people to make it into a comic form or maybe something more.

Also, if this story idea actually becomes complete one of these days, then - With permission from their owners/artists only - I might include characters in the story that are owned or created by someone else. Of course, people who have their character(s) involved will need me to run the story idea through them once it's developed and ready to be written.

I may have gone a little off-topic there so back to the updates. When it comes to relaxing when I need it, it's starting to become rather limited. I do have Steam games that I did not uninstall as well as Mabinogi and some RPG Maker games, but unfortunately, the games I played a long time ago (ones I loved, btw) and haven't played since (Pokemon 3D and Minecraft)...well, I can no longer play these games because they have forgotten me and I seem to be unable to log in at all to said games (which hurts a little, especially Minecraft, as I bought the Beginner's Handbook for that game just yesterday). I might not be able to get over losing the ability to play Minecraft (I'm searching for a way to get access to it again but this time on an e-mail address I actually use) but I can search for other games to make me feel not-so-empty inside.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why I feel so empty inside recently...? I dunno for sure but it's a pretty good guess, if nothing else.

Oh, before I forget and close this journal without mentioning it, I've been EXTREMELY into Persona 4 again what with Ultimax apparently (finally) released outside of Japan, so to attempt to regain my will to draw, I'm opening a Persona 4 Cosplay Project! I'm going to ask for seven people to lend one character to cosplay as each of Yu's party members (the character cosplaying as Teddie will be interesting to draw considering Teddie has a human form as well as his bear suit) and I'll also be looking for two additional characters to cosplay as Ultimax's two known DLC fighters: Tohru Adachi and Marie. I'll make a separate journal to keep track of which character is cosplaying as who as well as the owners of the cosplaying characters.

That should be all the updates I need to address with some banter of mine thrown in. I realize that this journal is quite long, perhaps my longest journal to date that isn't a meme, but if you did read this journal in its entirety, then I thank you for doing just that, and would appreciate it very much if a comment was left concerning anything and/or everything mentioned in this journal.
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Name's Felix. As a Pokesona, I'm a young (and short) Dewott-Espeon fusion but in real life, I'm just an Anime-loving guy. Attack on Titan is probably the one I'll remember the most because holy s**t, that is some scary (but cool) stuff.

Things I love with all my heart? There's a few things. Video games, Anime, Manga, VOCALOID, that sort of stuff but NOTHING can top Pokemon. I guess you can say I've been obsessed over it ever since I owned the original Pokemon Silver on Game Boy Color.

Things I hate with all my heart? There's only one thing that is the bane of my existence and that is HOMESTUCK. No words can friggin' describe how much I hate it and the fact that many of my friends are recently LIKING's just painful to watch, okay?

I guess that's about it for me. One thing you should know is that times are kinda hard for me right now so it'll be sometimes hard for me to upload drawings but I'm sure I can come up with a way to upload at a steady pace.

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Louwky Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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FireLucario Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014   Traditional Artist
Heh heh, I second that. XD
Especially if you see drawings of Haruko (my headless fox character) that my friends drew.
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I don't do chain mail but I appreciate being seen as a really good friend.
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Normally I don't either
they're holding me against my will
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Huh? Oh hey. I wasn't ignoring you, I swear I wasn't. Things have just...gotten way out of hand.
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