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Stamps of my favourite characters

Jackson The Riolu by MarlenesstampsJohn The Dewott by MarlenesstampsNoemi The Robot Dewott by Marlenesstamps


RQ: Water Queen by jd02022092

This is a good piece, drawing Harold tradtionally have taught me a few things for my first critique. The person who created this charac...


And this time, using a received Pre-Paid card that just arrived in Canada, I made myself a new account that I can finally use as often as I like.

My IGN: FelixDewott

Hope to be able to play with other Minecraft users in the near future!
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Contest ends in (approx.) 12 days! Currently only one entry is submitted so deadline may be extended. See my journal for more information.
I know everyone is busy with school, work and whatnot and I haven't been around so no one reads many of my journals these days but the deadline for Contest 8 is in 12 days (according to the current date and time where I live) and only one entry has been submitted as far as I know. I can extend the deadline but even then, if I still don't get enough entries, I may have to cancel the contest all together, and I hope it doesn't have to come to that.

If you want to refresh your memory with the contest's theme and rules, here's the link to the contest journal itself. -->  Contest 8Now that I have at least four participants, it's time to start the contest!
Theme: Genderbent (OCs)
Bullet; Red 
At least two characters must be in the pic
Bullet; Red You may use one of your characters but at least one of my characters must be used
Bullet; Red Both characters must be of opposite genders (No pics with two males or two females)
Bullet; Red The characters must be the opposite gender in the pic (Girl characters must be boys and vice versa)
Bullet; Red You may create the genderbent designs any way you want as long as they look like the actual character you're using
Bullet; Red You may create a scene/reactions for the genderbent characters
Bullet; Yellow 1st place: 15 :points: plus two free requests of anyt

This is just a little heads-up to let everyone know about this so yeah.
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Hm. Status Updates, huh? I'll try to refrain from being annoying with these.
Hey everyone. I thought I'd make an update journal of a different kind, something a little more social. Recently, I managed to get my hands on a Google Play Store gift card and I was able to use it to buy Minecraft: Pocket Edition. However, it doesn't do much for Multiplayer. So, I do have some plans in mind so I can manage to be social with my friends through games.

The first thing is getting a 3DS and Smash. I know, I STILL don't have a 3DS (or the cheaper 'mimic' handheld, the 2DS) and that's kinda sad but let me make this clear: Before the end of this year, I will make a 150% effort to get a 3DS and Smash! Now, don't get too excited, that doesn't mean that I WILL 100% obtain the handheld and game this year but at the very least, I'll make a damn good effort towards that goal and if I DO happen to grab them, then I'll let everyone on dA and Tumblr (espeonblog followers) know and give some information regarding that. The only thing is that I'm probably more likely to go for a 2DS instead of the actual 3DS console. This is because the 2DS is not only cheaper, but almost exactly the same thing as a 3DS with the only differences being that it doesn't have a 3D mode and that it appears to be not as travel-friendly (the 2DS doesn't have a folding top screen. It may not be able to go into sleep mode because of that but that's just a guess).

The other goal is actually more of a secondary goal than a primary one. That goal is regaining Minecraft for the PC and this time, having an account that isn't given to me by a friend. Now, it's a secondary goal because the ONLY way for Canadians to buy Minecraft is via the website directly if they want to get the PC version because there are no Minecraft gift cards in Canada (at least, not in my area). So, I've been asking my parents about it and I may be able to obtain that goal when my dad gets paid not this week but next week. However, they may forget so I may have to remind them when that time comes and actually go out and do shopping errands to the nearby stores by myself if I want to have a higher change of completing this secondary goal.

Now, if anyone does read this journal and decided to comment on this journal, I'll appreciate it very much. Should anyone want to help me achieve either or both goals, I will also appreciate that and, depending on what the 'help' actually is, accept it too. Thanks for reading!
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FireLucario has started a donation pool!
2,459 / 5,000
Current Points: 65

I want the points for a Premium Membership because I'd NEVER get the money for something like that!

~Updated Commission List!~
I take only points for commissions, no real cash.

Rough Sketch - 5 points
No Color Flat - 8 points
No Color Shaded - 10 points
Colored - 15 points

Please note that I use school scanners to scan pictures and use a mouse/school pen tablet to digitally color/shade/highlight them if that is asked of me. Scanned commissions are more expensive than webcam commissions because of this but not by too much.

Scan - 20 points
Scan Flat Color - 23 points
Scan Color Shaded - 25 points

You must be logged in to donate.
And this time, using a received Pre-Paid card that just arrived in Canada, I made myself a new account that I can finally use as often as I like.

My IGN: FelixDewott

Hope to be able to play with other Minecraft users in the near future!
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Artist | Traditional Art
ID picture made by :iconpokemonlover5673:

Fire <Unwritten Law - F.I.G.H.T.> -…
Blazex <Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary> -…
Jennifer <Jennifer Saunders - Holding Out For A Hero/I Need A Hero>…
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Super Smash Bros. BRAWL Friend Code: Unkown due to data deletion

Name's Felix. As a Pokesona, I'm a young (and short) Dewott-Espeon fusion but in real life, I'm just an Anime-loving guy. Attack on Titan is probably the one I'll remember the most because holy s**t, that is some scary (but cool) stuff.

Things I love with all my heart? There's a few things. Video games, Anime, Manga, VOCALOID, that sort of stuff but NOTHING can top Pokemon. I guess you can say I've been obsessed over it ever since I owned the original Pokemon Silver on Game Boy Color.

Things I hate with all my heart? There's only one thing that is the bane of my existence and that is HOMESTUCK. No words can friggin' describe how much I hate it and the fact that many of my friends are recently LIKING's just painful to watch, okay?

I guess that's about it for me. One thing you should know is that times are kinda hard for me right now so it'll be sometimes hard for me to upload drawings but I'm sure I can come up with a way to upload at a steady pace.

Felix's Pokemon Type: Water/Psychic
Fire's Pokemon Type: Fire/Steel

dA Family
My dA Family - Brothers
:iconmrmadmanx2: - Big brother!

Favourite cartoon character: Jowee; Mari; Lucario

Skype: fireraopsa2010
Steam: FireLucario

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